Fixed Frame Screen Diagonal : 110

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  • Star Way Line Fixed Frame Screen Size: Framing Screen
  • Diagonal : 110” Format 16:9, Type: Imported
  • Fabric: Aluminum Framing
  • The Curved Permanent Fixed-Frame bases on the feature of eyeball to create a new high definition screen.
    2.The bend conforms more accurately to our natural viewing focal length and thus creates an image for viewer that is a near accurate match to the image.
    3.The lens of a projector is designed to be spherical shape
    4.Fixed-Frame in relation to the projector is near equivalent making the large image uniform and perfectly focused.
    Product Descriptions:
    1.80mm high-strength aluminum frame covered with electrostatic black velvet, look fashionable and elegant, absorb the surrounding light which will ensure a good projection, just as the function of the black boarders.
    2.the curved screen reflects the light to the audience directly, reduce the effect of the surroundings,
    ensure a ture image.
    3.Well use the most advanced hardware extrusion bending technology and the curve line of our eyeball, created an exquisite curved line and achieved the perfect combination of eyes, projection and the image.
    4.ideal for home theatre, cinema, and pubs.


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