Metallic Screen Fabric

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Metallic Screen Fabric

Cleanable : Yes


Mildew resistant : Yes


Flame retardant : Yes


Anti-static : Yes


View angle : 60° (L&R30°)


Gain : 2.5


Working temperature : -20°–+40°

Apply to: Fix Frame Screen, Auto-masking Fixed Frame Screen, Tensioned Motorized Screen, Quick Fold Screen


Introduction of Metallic Soft Screen Fabric


Metallic Screen Fabric (3D Fabric) is the third generation of 3D screen fabric for professional 3D front projection. This Metallic Screen Fabric employs special metallic elements, formulated to preserve light polarization. The high gain and high contrast of the fabric help compensate for the losses incurred when using polarization filtration technology. Compared with the traditional fabric, it has a super performance in brightness and color, especially; its image results are invincible and unbeatable. Its surface can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth. This modern high-tech product has become the best partner of projector 3D display!


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